MIY This: Wreaths


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Wreaths are the perfect holiday decoration! They can make your door a welcome greeting, transform a mantel, turn an outdoor fence into festive decor, or act as big-impact wall art. Plus, these wreaths easily transition from the holidays to winter for long-term pieces. Wrap store-bought wreaths with fabric or yarn — them embellish with pine sprigs, yarn pom-poms, or cute yarn trees for easy (and cheap!) decor. Put paper into play for a bright, color-block wreath or a classic evergreen wreath with wood bead berry accents. Make rustic decor with a wood star wreath or one covered with pinecones and nuts. Go modern with oversize wreaths with big impact. A hulu hoop becomes a dream catcher wreath with eucalyptus accents, while a gold wreath becomes the “o” in a joyful mantel centerpiece. Or turn to classic silver tinsel with disco ball ornaments for a sparkling wreath that’s perfect for chilly temps.


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