5 Deliciously Easy Pie Toppers

Whether your pie is homemade or store-bought (we won’t tell!), these DIY pie toppers add a beautiful touch to your Thanksgiving table. Simply print the pie toppers, spruce them up with basic crafts supplies, and add them to your pie.



Print acorns and cut out as many as needed. Tape acorns to a length of baker’s twine, and tie baker’s twine around two wooden dowels for a garland.

Get the acorn printable here.



Print banner and cut out. Tape banner to a wooden dowel.

Get the “gather together” printable here.



Print banners on kraft paper; cut out. Cut two horizontal slits approximately 1/4” long close to the short straight edge. Slide a wooden dowel through the slits. Have guests write what they’re thankful for on the banners.

Get the fill-in printable here.



Print leaves and cut out as many as needed. Color the leaves with coloring pencils. Tape floral wire to the back of the leaves, then wrap them around 12-gauge wire to look like a tree.

Get the leaves printable here.



Print banner out on kraft paper; cut out. Fold top of banner back ½”, wrap around a wooden dowel, and tape in place. Tie a piece of twine to both ends of the dowel. Hang the banner from a 12-gauge wire shaped to look like a shepard’s hook.

Get the “give thanks” printable here.


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