Give Thanks Corkboard


Designer: Lisa Storms


Encouraging guests to give thanks can add a gracious air to the event. Make an acorn-inspired corkboard using punched cardstock circles for the cap, and hang it above the drink or snack table. Guests can add notes of thankfulness to some of your own. Bonus: Kids will love the chance to broadcast their thoughts on the board, too.



  • 20×30″ foam-core board
  • Crafts knife
  • Poster board
  • 24×48″ cork roll
  • Heavy books
  • 312″″-diameter circle punch
  • Brown cardstock
  • Double-stick tape


Assemble the Corkboard:

1. Cut out the pattern piece. (Get the patterns here.) Trace the nut pattern onto foam-core board and cut out using a crafts knife. Trace the cap pattern onto poster board; cut out. Trace the stem pattern onto brown cardstock; cut out.

2.  Unroll the cork and place a heavy book on each end to hold it flat. Lay the foam-core board nut on the cork and trace around it using a pencil. Use scissors to cut out the shape along the lines.

3. Punch approximately 32 circles from brown cardstock. Referring to the photo, and using crafts glue, cover the poster-board cap with the punched circles, overlapping the circles as shown. When completely covered, flip the work over and trim the punched circles flush with the edges of the poster-board cap.

4. Place double-stick tape on the back of the poster-board cap and adhere it to the top of the cork nut.

5.  Tape the cardstock stem to the back of the top of the acorn.


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