Yarn-Wrapped Wire Leaves


Bring the outdoors in with a beautiful and easy-to-make yarn-wrapped leaf! Use them for a fall place setting or hang them in your window for an autumn decoration.



  • 12-gauge wire
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire clippers
  • Yarn
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Leaf patterns (download them here)


Assemble the Leaf:

  1. Lay 12-gauge wire end at the start of the shape. Bend the length of wire along the lines to make a wire leaf. Use a pliers to help make sharp points or curves.
  2. Secure the yarn to the start of the wire with a drop of glue. Wrap the yarn around the wire until it’s completely covered.
  3. Secure the yarn to the end of the wire with a drop of glue. Once dried, snip away the excess yarn.


See more looks you can get below:


For this leaf, we used a variegated yarn for a multicolor look.



For the acorn, we wrapped the bottom with orange yarn and the top with brown yarn. Then we criss-crossed a piece of brown yarn across the top, securing with glue.




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