5 Easy Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Thanksgiving isn’t just about the food! Add DIY napkin rings to your table for a personal touch (and a fun conversation starter). Whether your table is traditional, rustic, or glam, we’ve got the look for you!


Green napkin: Add big cross-stitch using embroidery thread to a length of burlap ribbon. The holes in the burlap make it ideal as a guide for stitching shapes.

Yellow napkin: Use baker’s twine to make a fun tassel. We made ours one color, but you could make yours in multiple colors to match your decor.

Orange napkin: Sew pretty beads to burlap ribbon. We sewed three beads on in a row for a sophisticated look, but you can use holiday beads or bright ribbon to match your party’s theme.


Yellow napkin: Fold a strip of tissue paper in half and glue the center to a length of ribbon. Use a fringe scissors to cut along both sides for a glamorous look.

Green napkin: Adhere a kraft paper tag to a piece of cardstock. Write the guest’s name on the tag and thread a ribbon through the tag for a cute tie.


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