10 Gratitude Journals We’re Thankful For

Practicing gratitude leads to a more joyful and fulfilled life. Writing down daily reminders of the things you’re thankful for helps you appreciate life, cherish the little moments, and enjoy the present. Grab one of these gratitude journals to start counting your blessings!


The “Count your Blessings” gratitude journal features hand-drawn typography and has an inner back pocket to store mementos.

Buy this journal here.


This polka dot gratitude hardcover journal feature matte laminated hardcovers and 120 lined pages. Each journal also has a nifty white grosgrain ribbon to mark your page.

Buy this journal here.


This journal includes a pen loop and an elastic band to keep the contents of your journal secure.

Buy this journal here.


“Gratitude turns everything into enough.” This journal features a chalkboard-look hand-drawn quote and plenty of room to write.

Buy this journal here.


Get a customizable, set of daily gratitude cards. Each card is double-sided, with an image and day of the week on one side and “I am thankful for …” on the opposite side, allowing you to write daily reminders of what you’re thankful for.

Buy these journaling cards here.


Each page in this journal is designed to last a week with seven “Today I’m grateful for …” sections, one for each day. Inspiration quotes are found throughout.

Buy this journal here.

“There’s always something for which to be thankful.” – Charles Dickens. This kraft notebook is hand-stamped and the pages are lined for creative journaling.

Buy this journal here.


Personalize your gratitude journal with your name or a message. Hemp binding adds a natural look.

Buy this journal here.


At 3×4″, this journal is the perfect size to carry around in your pocket, purse, or backpack.

Buy this journal here.


“There is always something to be grateful for.” Customize this journal with your favorite color and paper preference.

Buy this journal here.


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