How To Make a Yarn Feather

Designer: Jenny Kolenda

Make your own unique collection of beautiful feathers using yarn and wire.


1.Use a glue stick to apply glue to end of an 9″-long piece of 18-gauge green cloth-covered florist’s wire. Secure yarn approximately 1″ from wire end on glued area. Wrap yarn tightly around the wire to cover the 1″ end.


2. When wire end is reached, begin wrapping yarn back to beginning; continue wrapping toward opposite end of wire. Apply glue to opposite end, wrap yarn over glue, and then back about 1/2″ from end. Glue end in place and trim yarn end.


3. Cut seventy-five 3″-long pieces of yarn. Tie one length of yarn onto the yarn-wrapped wire, approximately 2″ from one end.


4. Continue tying tightly spaced yarn lengths onto the wire until the wire is covered to the tip; leaving the 2″ end uncovered.


5. Pour liquid starch onto a disposable rimmed plate. Soak the yarn-wrapped wire in the liquid starch until thoroughly wet.


6. Remove from liquid starch, squeeze out excess, and lay the soaked wrapped yarn on plastic wrap. Shape into a feather. Let the feather dry until very stiff.



Turn these feathers into a wreath with our instructions here.



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