Kitty Nibbles Container


Designer: Maggie Goldsmith

Craft a sleek catchall for Kitty’s treats that you’ll be proud to display on your countertop.


  • Contact sheet vinyl
  • Glass jar with flat front (ours is 7″ tall)
  • Masking tape
  • Krylon Frosted Glass Finish spray paint

Assemble the Container:

  1. Trace pattern (get the pattern here) onto contact sheet vinyl. Cut out the letters and attach to the front of the glass jar, making sure the letters are straight and evenly spaced.

2. Tape off a rectangular area surrounding the letters.

3. Spray Krylon Frosted Glass Finish over the letters, staying inside of the taped rectangle; let dry. Spray a second coat if desired; let dry.

4. Carefully remove vinyl and tape, then fill jar with cat food or treats.


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