MIY This: Pretty Pumpkins

Pretty Pumpkins

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Not all pumpkins are meant to be carved! Some of the prettiest pumpkins don’t need a knife — just a few crafts supplies! Update pumpkins with paint. Make an abstract design with bright colors or paint pumpkins with chalkboard paint, then draw designs with a chalk marker. Marbleize pumpkins with (wait for it) nail polish and water! Decorate pumpkins fast by wrapping them in balloons for a dip-dyed look. Add unexpected natural elements to pumpkins with decoupaged flowers and leaves. Use a pumpkin as a chic floral centerpiece using a real bouquet or felt succulents. Cut crafts pumpkins to fit a small tea candle or a spooky marquee — perfect for outdoor decor that lasts through the season. Or personalize a pumpkin with a simple monogram made from tacks.


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