Washi Tape Halloween Crafts


Use washi tape to make spooky Halloween-theme shapes to adorn cards, treat bags, and other frightening crafts. Layer washi tape andpaper cutouts, then embellish with goggly eyes and Sharpie accents. Adults and kids will love crafting for Fright Night!

For spider: Cut an oval shape from cardstock. Cover the paper with strips of black washi tape. Add two goggly eyes and eight Sharpie spider legs.

For candy corn: Cut a triangle shape from cardstock. Cover the paper with strips of yellow, orange, and white washi tape.

For mummy: Cut a circle shape from white cardstock. Add two google eyes and a cardstock mouth and tongue. “Wrap” the head with thin strips of gray washi tape.

For pumpkin: Cut out the pumpkin shape from the pattern here. Add green washi tape to the stem and orange washi tape stripes to the pumpkin body. Glue the stem to the pumpkin.

For ghost: Cut out a rectangle from cardstock. Cover the paper in stripes of black-and-white washi tape. Cut out the ghost and speech bubble shape from the pattern here. Glue the shapes to the rectangle, then add a spooky message.

EDIT_MG_6675 EDIT_MG_6676


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