Baker’s Twine Pom-Poms

Use baker’s twine to make cute pom-poms to top gifts, jewelry accessory, and more!


Small serving fork
Spool of baker’s twine

Assemble the Pom-Pom:

1. Wrap baker’s twine around the tines of a small serving fork approximately 35 times, securing the beginning of the twine under the wraps. Cut the twine from the spool.


2. Cut a 12″ length of baker’s twine. Insert the length of twine between the center fork tines, and tie it into a single knot around the middle of the wrapped twine.


3. Pull the wrapped twine off the tines of the fork. Tighten the knot around the center of the wraps and tie it again to make a double knot.


4. Insert scissors through each loop on both sides of the tie, and cut through the loops to make a pom-pom. Trim the tie ends even with the pom-pom.



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