MIY This: Gold Leaf and Gold Foil

Gold Leaf

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Glitz, gold, and glamour go with any decor! Use gold leaf or gold foil to add subtle touches to your decor for a bit of sparkle or use it to make bold statements in your home. Jazz up jewelry with gold leaf. A handmade jewelry holder gets metallic touches for a feeling of elegance. A gemstone necklace gets an update with beautiful gold accents. Elevate store-bought items with gold. An accordion binder goes from boring to trendy organizer with gold stripes. Clear tumblers brushed with gold leaf become glamorous glasses. Turn a plain white picture frame into a standout accent with gold leaf corners. Add paint and gold leaf to a vase for an unexpected planter. Ready to party? Add gold leaf accents directly to your hair for a sparkly accessory to any outfit. Natural elements pair perfectly with subtle gold accents. Paint logs or succulents with gold leaf for natural glitz for your table. Or mimic moon phases with gold and black magnets that are great for fridge fun.


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