Our Fall/Winter 2015 Issue is Here!


Our Fall/Winter 2015 issue of Make It Yourself magazine is finally here (feels like it took forever, doesn’t it?)! Pick up a copy on newsstands from September 22–December 21 to learn how to:

  • create creepy spider crafts for Halloween
  • tie nautical knots for seaworthy decor
  • add a little (pumpkin) spice to your fall home
  • wood burn amazing designs
  • throw a cozy winter game night
  • use cording for creative crafts
  • turn paper into gorgeous holiday decor
  • make fast gifts for everyone on your list
  • crochet comfy clothing and decorations
  • sew seasonal holiday decor

Can’t find it in stores? Get a digital copy of this issue (+ back issues) here.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve seen our fun countdown to the new issue coming out! Below are the pics + simple instructions. They might inspire you to get crafting with some of our new favorite techniques!


10: Print numbers in your fave font. Trace the numbers onto patterned paper and cut out.


9: Print letters to spell the word “nine.” Use them as a guide to add nails into a wooden board. Use embroidery floss to “trace” the letters by wrapping the floss around and between nails.


8: Twist rope to form a shape. Learn more about tying knots and using rope in your decor in our Fall/Winter 2015 issue.


7: Cut straws into 1″ segments. Glue the straws to popsicle sticks to form a “7”.


6: Layer washi tape onto cardstock in stripes. Print a number in your favorite font, trace it onto your paper and cut out.


5: Make pop-up shapes from cardstock using a technique found in our Fall/Winter 2015 issue.


4: Print a hanging banner (get the pattern in our Fall/Winter 2015 issue) on colored cardstock and layer shapes for a dimensional effect.


3: Glue wine corks together to form a message.


2: Learn wood burning techniques in our Fall/Winter 2015 issue.


1: Wrap a cardboard number with yarn. Add felt flowers and burlap leaves for embellishments (see how-tos in our Fall/Winter 2015 issue).


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