How To Prepare Acorns for Crafting

Young boy holds handful of acorns, Release#03

Acorns are in abundance this time of year. But before you take the acorns from your yard to your craft table, you need to prepare them. Acorns often have bugs hiding under the caps and can easily mold if not treated properly. With a few simply steps, though, you can bring natural beauty to your fall crafts!

1. Grab acorns are soon as they fall off red and white oak trees. The longer they sit on the ground, the higher the chance they will get invaded by bugs or picked up by squirrels.

2. Gently rinse acorns in water and brush with a soft brush (like a toothbrush) to get rid of dirt.

3. Lay your acorns in a single layer on a cookie sheet and cook your acorns at 175 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours, turning acorns every 30 minutes. This will dry the acorns.

Tip: For best results, leave the oven door open a crack to allow excess moisture to escape.

4. Let the acorns dry, then remove any that are burned, decaying, or discolored.


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