Fall Gathering Card


Designer: Lisa Storms

Give guests a sneak peek of the party theme with an invitation featuring tiny, colorful acorns. Creative use of a circle punch makes crafting each acorn easy.


  • 5×8″ blank white card
  • 4×5″ piece of striped paper
  • Crafts glue
  • Computer and printer
  • Solid cardstock: cream, aqua, purple
  • 1″-diameter circle punch
  • Two brown patterned papers
  • Adhesive pop dots

Assemble the Card:

  1. Glue striped paper to front of blank white card.

2. Using your computer, print the words “a fall gathering” onto cream cardstock; trim into a 234×412” rectangle, leaving space above the words for the acorns. Cut an inverted V-shape at the bottom of the cardstock below the words.

3. Punch a circle from aqua cardstock. Feed the punched circle 34 of the way back into the circle punch; punch again. This is the nut portion of the acorn. Repeat with purple cardstock to punch a second nut.

4. Place the straight edge of one brown patterned paper halfway into the circle punch; punch. Round the corners with scissors. This is the acorn cap. Repeat to punch a second acorn cap.

5. Punch a circle from the remaining patterned paper. Feed the punched circle back into the circle punch and punch a small sliver from the circle for a stem. Repeat to punch a second stem.

6. Attach the acorns to the cream cardstock and the cream cardstock to the striped card front using pop dots.


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