Meet: Kristyne Czepuryk

Meet Kristyne Czepuryk

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What types of crafts are your favorite?

Oh geez, that is such a hard question! I’ve dabbled in lots of different crafts over the years — needlepoint, cross stitch, scrapbooking, macrame (does that date me?!), glue-gunning, glittering, origami, pom-pom making. As a child, I spent a good deal of my allowance on crafting supplies and kits. All I wanted to do was make things.

What colors can’t you get enough of right now?

Pink, pink, and pink. And aqua. And taupe. And gray. Did I mention pink?

What makes you so passionate about crafting?

For me, it’s genetic. I have family members who are super crafty and others who would rather have a tooth pulled than pick up a glue gun (and I won’t mention any names, big sister!) I just have an irrepressible personality trait that compels me to make. If I’m not making, I get sad. I always say that for me, it’s the making not the having, that matters. I enjoy every step of the process — looking for and finding inspiration, designing, planning, organizing, doing, learning, problem-solving, teaching, and even the gift-giving. I love all of it. So for me, crafting keeps me off of antidepressants and the therapist’s couch!

If you could craft with any person in the world, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Easy. Yoko Saito. I have several of her books, which I pour through regularly, and I never get tired of looking at her creations. She inspires me. Although I wouldn’t call what she does “crafting”, she’s an artist in my books.

In one word, how would you describe your crafting style?

Pretty, of course! 🙂

Where do you get creative inspiration from?

I was introduced to Japanese quilt and craft books and magazines about 10 years ago. I never tire of looking at all the beautiful projects. And whenever I accidentally find myself on that rabbit hole known as Pinterest, I know I’m going to be there for way longer than I intend. It’s always a great place to go and get lost,  and lose all track of time among so many wonderful things!

You’re stranded on a desert island. What three craft supplies couldn’t you live without?

1. My Japanese books and magazines. I consider ALL of them to be one thing because they’re a collection.

2. Sewing machine. Bad choice, I suppose, considering the lack of electricity on a desert island, but it’s the thing I use the most. That and my stitch ripper ironically.

3. My fabric stash. I don’t know about everyone else, but I spend more time looking at my fabric than I do actually using it. I love imagining all the pretty things I could make. Fantasizing is a very important part of the creative process.

What “trendy” supply or craft are you loving right now?

I just made a little coin purse with a metal clasp. I know they’ve been around forever, and they’ve been on my bucket list for a loooong time. But I’ve seen them pop up more often lately on IG and Pinterest. So I finally made a little coin purse and LOVED it!

Where do you buy your supplies?

I hate shopping. I really do. For common things, I usually just go to Michaels or my local quilt shop. For more interesting, unique, or hard to find things, you can’t beat online. Etsy, online fabric shops, eBay, Amazon … you can find almost anything online. (But I hate paying for shipping almost as much as I hate shopping.)



Zakka Workshop Coin Purse 2b



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