Acorn Garland


Designer: Lisa Storms

This fun take on a garland is made by simply tweaking purchased paper globes to resemble acorns. Trimmed and painted paper bowls are topped with painted wine corks to complete the caps.


  • 712″-diameter paper bowls
  • Wine bottle corks
  • Sharp household knife
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Foam paintbrush
  • 8″-diameter honeycomb tissue ball decorations in multiple colors
  • Crafts knife
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Burlap twine

Assemble the Garland:

  1. Use scissors to trim the rim from a paper bowl


2. Using a sharp household knife and a sawing motion, carefully cut a wine cork at an angle to approximately 112″ long


3.  Using a foam paintbrush, paint interior and exterior of bowl with brown acrylic paint. Paint the cork with brown paint. Let the paint dry.


4. Print the pattern (download it here) onto white paper; cut out. Lay the pattern on an unopened honeycomb ball decoration; trace


5. Use a crafts knife to cut along the traced lines. Cut through all the layers, being careful to cut through a few tissue layers at a time to prevent the paper from the tearing.


6. Open the decoration to reveal the acorn shape and use the double-stick tape that came with the decoration to secure the cardboard backing to itself.

7. Referring to the main photo, hot-glue the painted bowl to the top of a tissue-paper acorn. Hot-glue the painted cork to the top of the bowl.

8. Repeat steps 1–7 to make the desired number of acorns.

9. String completed acorns together using a long length of burlap twine tied around each acorn stem.


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