Coloring Book Pages Adults Will Love


Download the two coloring book pages below.

Get the spool coloring book page.

Get the scissors coloring book page.

Coloring books are making a comeback with people of all ages — including adults! Not only is this trendy activity a fun way to play with color, design (and an excuse to buy new colored pencils), but it also has many health benefits.

Studies show that coloring helps you relax, reduces anxiety, and calms the mind, which all have long-term health benefits. It also exercises fine motor skills, trains the brain to focus, and activates the logic part of the brain, helping to keep the mind sharp (count us in!).

Tips to Get the Most Out of Coloring:

  • Expand your idea of color. Just because a leaf is green in real life, doesn’t mean you need to stick to that color on the pages. Let your mind create a magical world on the pages that plays with color.
  • Ignore the lines. Coloring should create a worry-free attitude. If you accidentally color outside the lines, it’s not the end of the world. Skip the eraser and embrace the messy and unexpected.
  • Jumpstart your creativity. Next time you feel stuck on a project, start coloring. Letting your mind relax while still doing something creative can help get the creative juices flowing.
  • Do it regularly. Plan coloring into your schedule. Make it a Monday morning activity to get creative before work or a Friday night treat to unwind after a long week. Either way, it gives you something to look forward to and lets your brain exercise.
  • Make it complicated. A child’s coloring book is meant for small hands and big crayons. To get the most out of your coloring book as an adult, reach for something with complicated patterns and more design possibilities.


Love coloring AND reading? Grab these cute monthly bookmarks designed with seasonal shapes (see if you can spot February’s hearts and April’s raindrops!).

Get the bookmarks here.


Make 2016 the best year yet with a coloring calendar that gives you something to look forward to each month!

Download the calendar here.


Add color to mini cactuses on this fun coloring page! The border design makes it ideal for framing and hanging as decor.

Download the coloring book page here.


Keep little ones entertained with this monster-filled coloring book page! Kids will love designing their own monsters in fun colors (or adults will, we’re not judging!).

Download the coloring book page here.


Snowed in? It’s the perfect time to celebrate the season with a coloring book that brings the nostalgia of the holidays!

Download the coloring book page here.


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