MIY This: Garden Crafts

Garden Crafts

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The garden isn’t just a place to grow veggies anymore! It’s a place to play with color, to entertain, to spend quality time with family, and to continue your home’s aesthetic. Attract feathered friends with a cute hand-painted bird house and a “bird’s nest helper” made with your leftover yarn. Display beautiful blooms with ease in a woven vase featuring a punch of color. A living succulent mirror, two-level planter, and concrete plant stand are the perfect ways to add unexpected elements and height to your garden. Store extra seeds in homemade seed packets, which also make totally cute gifts for the gardeners in your life. Paint cans and mason jars both light up your garden party after the sun goes down. Use them as candles or glow-in-the-dark jars. Send a friendly message to neighbors with wooden letter garden stakes that spell out a greeting or display family initials.


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