Product We Love: Purl & Loop Stash Blaster Loom


Use your favorite yarn and the Stash Blaster Loom from Purl & Loop to create cute mug rugs! The loom is portable and can easily be packed away, so you can weave on the go.



  • Stash Blaster Mini Loom from Purl & Loop (buy it here)
  • 10 yards of cream yarn
  • 13 yards of variegated blue yarn
  • Scissors

Note: The Stash Blaster Mini Weaving Loom is handmade and the products are sourced in the U.S. It measures 5-1/2×6-1/2″ and is available in medium density fiberboard, birch wood, white acrylic, and chipboard. Each loom comes with color photo instructions, a tapestry needle and a reusable cotton bag to carry it in.

Assemble the Mug Rug:


1. Form a loop at the end of your cream yarn to fit over the first groove. Pull the loop to the back of the loom. Leave a 4-6″ tail. This is the start of the warp of the weave.


2. With the back of the loom facing you, wind the cream yarn down the back into the first groove on the bottom left side. Then, wind the yarn up the loom front and into the second groove on the top left side of the loom and back down. Continue until all grooves are filled.


3. Wind the yarn around the top corner and pull it firmly. Create a knot on the back of the loom with the beginning and ending tails of the yarn. Tip: Don’t tie the knot too tight or you will have a hard time weaving the yarn through the warp.


4. Thread the tapestry needle with the variegated blue yarn. Starting at the bottom right corner, go over then under the warp all the way across. Pull all your yarn through, leaving a 6″ tail at the start. This is the start of your weft. Push the weft to the bottom of the loom with your fingers.


5. Start the second row with the opposite motion, going under then over. Repeat this process until you reach the top of the loom. Remember to push the yarn down after each row.


6. Turn the loom to the back and cut across the warp in the middle. Cut the knotted tails, too. Push the fringe to the top and bottom so the project can be lifted off the loom.


7. Turn the loom over and gently lift the project off the loom.


8. Knot two or three of the fringes together. Continue across both sides to form knotted fringe to keep the weave from unraveling. Trim the fringe to the desired length.


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