Three Ways to Dress Up Your Wedding Invites

You ordered your invites, bought your stamps, and have all your addresses ready to go! Don’t forget to add a DIY touch to your stationery before you ship off your invites to friends and family! See three ideas below for adding a personal touch to your invites.

Want more info for planning a DIY wedding? Read my guide to DIY weddings here.

1. Add twine. Keep all the parts of your invite together with a length of twine tied in a simple knot. It gives a classic and rustic look to your invitations. Don’t love the look of twine? Choose ribbon, raffia, or baker’s twine in one of your wedding colors.


2. Back it with fabric. Keep ink on invites and off the envelopes with a piece of fabric as a separator. Choose fabric that matches your wedding colors and cut it to size.


3. Add a burst of blooms. Place a sprig of dried flowers or herbs in the envelope. Choose something fragrant like lavender for a sweet smell when the guest opens the invite.


What other DIY wedding invite ideas do you have? Share in the comments!



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