MIY This: Festival Wear

Festival Wear

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It’s festival season! Whether you’re hitting an awesome music festival, walking around the state fair, or going to a local art fest, you should do it in style! Show off your MIY skills with fun and fashionable clothing and jewelry that will have people asking where you bought it! Add colorful tassels to your fave sandals, spray paint an ombre pattern on white sneakers, or take a fabric marker to plain slip-ons for fabulous footwear. Make your own trendy jewelry from gold hardware store finds, or choose leather and bling to make fun feather earrings or braided studded bracelets. Sew a cool kimono top for a quick coverup from the sun or turn an old T-shirt into a fringed wearable. Don’t forget your accessories! Decorate your bag with yarn pom-poms or make a cute snake for a surprising belt.


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