Why Greige Is the New Neutral


If you’ve been on Pinterest at all in the last month, you’ve been bombarded with the hot new color: greige. A mix of gray and beige, greige is quickly becoming the new must-have neutral for your home decor. (I mean, just look at that drool-worthy pic above.)

The reason greige works is that is:

  • It brings the elegant and subtle look of gray to the warm and traditional look of beige for a unique color that effortlessly blends with both neutrals and colors.
  • Instead of the stark cement feel that gray can have in a home, greige brings a warmth to walls and decor, making it easier to blend creams and whites into the mix without them feeling like a pop of color.
  • Unlike traditional beige that can seem a little boring and overdone, greige brings an unexpected undertone of depth that makes walls and furniture have more of a presence (even in a neutral palette).

With the variety of colors and patterns that work with greige, we don’t think it’s going anywhere! Will you be adding this trendy color to your home?


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