5 Steps for Finding Your Wedding Photographer Soulmate


A photographer is probably one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make for your wedding, so you better love your photographer. Love. Love. Love. Here’s my guide for finding your photographer soulmate.

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1. Are they in your price range? Expect to pay a few thousand bucks for a photographer, but check to see if their price includes an engagement pic session, a printed photo album, or a second photographer. If you love the photographer but can’t afford them, see if they will give a discount if you cut down on the number of hours you need them for or if you skip the engagement pic session.

2. Do they share your aesthetic? aka are you a fan of their work? If they’re famous for their black-and-white shots but you wanted all color pics, or they prefer candids but you wanted a more formal feel, you should find another photographer.

3. Do they make you feel comfortable? They’ll be part of the family for one day, so make sure they’re friendly, they make you smile (key for photos), and most importantly that you feel relaxed around them. The more relaxed you feel with them, the more natural your photos will be and the more your guests won’t mind them hanging around.

4. Can they read your mind? When you meet with them, do they immediately understand the kind of photos you’ll be looking for and the kind of shots that are important for your theme? You can’t be supervising them all evening, so make sure they know what pics are important to you (and can anticipate what you’ll want to capture in the spur of the moment).

5. Will they always be there for you? Are they willing to travel a bit to get the best photos? This is perfect if you want shots of you getting ready at home before traveling to the ceremony and then hitting the reception across town.


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