4th of July Wreath


Designer: Alison Gamm

Fabrics: Red, White and Free collection by Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics

Skinny red, white, and blue fabric strips make a simple holiday wreath. Drop a stunning star in the middle for the perfect door decoration.



  • Red, white, and blue fabrics
  • Wreath form (in any size)
  • Cutting tools

Assemble the Wreath:

IMG_5797web1. Cut fabric into 1×12″ strips. We used 50 strips for our 12″ wreath form. If you’re using a smaller or larger wreath form, you may need to adjust the amount of strips.


2. Tie all the strips around the wreath form, overlapping the strips slightly to hide the wreath form.

IMG_5805web3. Trim the strips to the same length, approximately 2-3″.

IMG_5834web-525x7424. We used a tutorial from How To Sew to make the stars. Get the instructions here. To hang the star, tape a piece of twine to the back of the star and wrap around the top of the wreath form.


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