How to Choose Your Wedding’s Color Palette


The color palette you choose for your wedding is the basis for all other wedding-related decisions you’ll make. Your bridesmaid’s dresses, your invite designs, your bouquet flowers, and your decorations all rely on your color palette. So it’s best to make sure that your color palette is something you LOVE and that it reflects the vision you have for your wedding!

Choosing colors can be an art, so follow these tips to make sure your wedding is standout and totally coordinated!

Want more info for planning a DIY wedding? Read my guide to DIY weddings here.

1. Start with neutrals. You may be tempted to start with your favorite color when building your palette. But you should plan around the neutrals in you and your groom’s outfits. For example, colors that match with white and black may not look too hot with cream and navy. So start with dress and suit colors you plan to have and build from there.

2. Choose your pop. Here’s where your fave color comes into play! Have you been loving coral lately? Or maybe you’re true blue at heart. Pick one color to add a bright pop to your palette that will reflect your personality–and one that makes you happy! (Hint: Look at your wardrobe or decor if you need help pinpointing your color.)

3. Take to Pinterest. Pinterest has pages and pages of color palettes that someone with a great eye has already designed for you. Search for “color palettes with [neutral 1], [neutral 2], and [pop of color]”. This will make sure the color palettes will incorporate your dress color, your groom’s suit color, and your fave color. The pictures that appear will round out the palette with other color choices. Re-pin the ones you like.

4. Feel it out. Think about the theme you envisioned for your wedding. If you’re a glam girl, think of how these color will look with a bit of sparkle or sheen. If you want a rustic wedding, think of how the colors will look with burlap and greenery. If something about the palette doesn’t feel right or clashes with your theme, move on to a new one.

5. Take notes. Once you’ve decided on your palette, print it out, so when you go shopping you can compare colors in the store. Mark the print-out with where each color is appearing in the wedding, so you make sure you’re not overusing a specific color in the planning process.

Here’s an example of my wedding color palette:



  • Dress
  • Flowers
  • Cake
  • Invites


  • Tux
  • Groomsman attire
  • Dishware


  • Bridesmaid’s dress
  • Flowers
  • Decorations


  • Flowers
  • Decorations


  • Flowers
  • Decorations

What colors are you loving right now? Share them in the comments!



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