Creative Ways to Propose to Your Wedding Party

Choosing your wedding party is an important choice! You’ll be asking these people to spend money on travel, wedding day attire, and your bachelorette/bachelor parties. Plus, you’ll be relying on them for vent sessions, help with planning, crafty decor nights, and wedding day panic. Ask your wedding party with these crafty ideas to start off your wedding party relationships on a high note!

Want more info for planning a DIY wedding? Read my guide to DIY weddings here.

For the Bridesmaids:


Flip book: Get creative with words with a fun flip book featuring your wedding colors. Make it easier with the free template.

Get the printable here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 10.27.48 AM

Spa Set: Let the pampering begin! Fill a cloth bag with a small bottle of nail polish and homemade lip gloss.

Get more details here.


Memory box: If your bridesmaids live far, send an invite to make them feel included in the planning. Fill a wooden box with little mementos like paint chips of your color scheme, pics of the engagement, bridesmaids introductions, and more.

Get more details here.

For the Groomsmen:


Cigar Card: These totally handsome cards are the perfect way to ask the groomsmen. They’re simple, classic, and will give the boys a bonding activity immediately following the wedding ceremony.

Buy from Etsy here.


Hip Socks: Get your groomsmen matching socks for the wedding day. Bonus: they come with a free printable sock wrap.

Get the printable here.


Best Man Brewskis: Throw back a few with your best buds. Print out this label and dress your fave beer with the important question.

Get the printable here.

What other ideas do you have? Share them in the comments!



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