How to Choose the Perfect Venue for a DIY Wedding


So, you decided to go the DIY route with your wedding. I love it!  Probably one of the first (and most important) decision you’ll make when you’re planning your wedding is the venue. And there are a few important things to think about when you’re choosing your location, especially when you’re decorating yourself.

Want more info for planning a DIY wedding? Read my guide to DIY weddings here.

Here is a checklist for shopping venues for your DIY big day:

  1. Is it close enough? You’ll probably be transporting decorations, food, and more to your venue the day of your wedding, so the closer to your home, the better (especially if you forget something).
  2. Does the style fit your wedding theme? Pay attention to things like carpet and curtains. These things probably can’t be changed for your wedding, so if they’re a color or a pattern you hate, move on to a different venue. Similarly, if you pictured a rustic wedding, but the location is all chrome and glass, you’ll need to keep looking.
  3. Does it provide you with a blank canvas? You’re the artist of your wedding day! Does the venue allow you freedom to hang decorations and move furniture? To bring in your own food and alcohol? To have a set-up and clean-up time before and after the event? Asking these questions before you book it will help you avoid misunderstandings and extra fees later.
  4. Does it have hiding places? You’ll have boxes and bags and trays that you’ll use to transport your crafty decor to the venue. Do they have a closet or storage room where you can stash the boxes quickly? Do they have a kitchen area to keep extra food and drinks? If it doesn’t, you may be using your getaway car as a storage area.
  5. What are the dimensions? Make sure you get an accurate count of the number of tables they provide (and how big they are so you can plan centerpieces in the right height). Are there multiple rooms you need to decorate or just one? If you’re hanging lighting or decorations, how tall are the ceilings? Where are the outlets? Take lots of pictures and make sure you get the whole visual of the venue so you come prepared.

What other tips do you have? Share them in the comments!



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