5 Ways to Use Clipboards in Your Decor

We’re flipping for clipboards! See how this inexpensive office stable can organize your life and dress up your walls.


Designer: Erica Hernandez

1. Get organized. Create a visual to-do list with this can’t-miss color scheme. Neon colors and individually titled boards help organize bills, corral shopping lists and coupons, and keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and other card-worthy occasions. Adding a chalkboard finish to the clipboards improves their functionality by providing an easily erasable writing surface. Use sticker letters as masks for the clipboard labels.

Get tips for painting clipboards with chalkboard paint here.


Designer: Kelly Noel

2. Personalize your boards. Clipboards for all members of the family help keep track of activities and papers important to them. Customize each one to match the individual’s interests or favorite colors, or coordinate them with the room where they’ll hang. Add chipboard embellishments to make each family member’s board unique.

Tip: Use hanging photo tags to quickly identify each person’s clipboard, as well as hide the logos embossed on the metal clips.


Designer: Michelle Rubin

3. Be inspired. Polaroid-inspired clipboards make great inspiration boards, ready to frame creative snips, scraps, and swatches. Customize your display boards with inspiring words or phrases, or use them to categorize fun finds à la Pinterest.

Tip: Use vinyl products for the ‘polaroid’ that can be easily made with a die-cutting tool. If you don’t have one, you can cut one by hand or replicate the look with paint.


Designer: Allison Waken

4. Display your child’s artwork. Kids deserve a special place to showcase their creativity. Paint a clipboard white and add borders doodled with permanent markers for a simple board that doesn’t compete with the art on display. Border designs make it easy to rotate in new pieces as your child creates them.

Tip: Get your kids involved in creating the display by having them doodle on the clipboard borders and add the watercolor dribbles to the letters.


Designer: Brooke Starnes

5. Frame your photos. A clipboard photo grouping is the perfect way to allow for frequent photo swaps. Stick with a classic, neutral palette, adding subtle embellishments for maximum effect. The traditional kraft-color clipboard is the perfect foil for delicate accents in white and subtle patterning. Mix sizes and orientations for more photo-sizing options.

Tip: To hang a clipboard horizontally, use picture-hanging strips along the top edge or add a second nail positioned under the long side of the clipboard for it to rest on.


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