10 Years of Etsy Trends We Still Love


This month marks Etsy’s 10th year in business! That’s a whole decade of celebrating the makers, movers, and trailblazers in the crafting industry and the inspiring and creative handmade items they sell. Etsy has served as inspiration, a hangout for crafters all over the world, and a total lifesaver in times when you just can’t make it yourself!

To celebrate, they released the most popular trends from every year they’ve been operating (and let’s just say, they never went out of style in our minds!). Check out the trends, shop Etsy products we love, and see why we’re still not over ombre. What other trends do you remember from over the years?


2005: Octopus

Why we still love it: From sophisticated designs to whimsical depictions, the octopus can add a nautical touch to your decor or be a bold and beautiful statement piece. No matter the look, the octopus (with its eight legs, big eyes, and mysterious nature) is fascinating to look at.

Shop the look here.


2006: Cupcakes

Why we still love it: Cupcakes are cute and tiny (two things we will always be obsessed with). Not only are cupcakes perfect party munchables, but their crafty imitations, made from everything from yarn to fabric, are sweet and playful accessories.

Shop the look here.


2007: Steampunk

Why we still love it: Steampunk takes ordinary items (think gears, keys, and other hardware store finds) to create cool crafts. It counters delicate pieces like lace beautifully and amps up the look of harder materials like leather and wood, making it an easy go-to for many styles.

Shop the look here.


2008: Bicycles

Why we still love it: This print says it all! Bicycles remind us of simpler times and fun with friends. It’s a reminder that you can get anywhere with a little work. Plus, bicycles come in the cutest colors now, which makes them pretty and graphic additions to art and decor.

Shop the look here.


2009: Chevron

Why we still love it: Chevrons (just like polka dots before them) were a fun trend that has now become a staple in decor and crafting. It’s the perfect way to add surprising color and pattern to your home or wardrobe without being too dramatic.

Shop the look here.


2010: Vampires

Why we still love it: We don’t understand why vampires ever went out of style (is anyone else still in their Edward Cullen phase?). With their mysterious and dangerous intrigue, vampire-look items are both unexpected and subtly sensual.

Shop the look here.


2011: Terrariums

Why we still love it: Terrariums are easy and low-maintenance, so even those of us without green thumbs can add natural beauty to our homes. They come in cool shapes and colors, too, so they’re basically collector’s items–you need them all!

Shop the look here.


2012: Ombre

Why we still love it: Ombre plays on our obsession with color. Honestly, why buy something in just one hue when you can get it in a gradation of your fave color? It’s an easy way to add interest without making it too busy.

Shop the look here.


2013: Moons

Why we still love it: A moon in itself is a complete design element, playing with shadow and light. It also highlights man’s unending fascination with the final frontier. Adding moons to your wardrobe or decor gives off an otherworldly vibe, which is both inspiring and dreamy.

Shop the look here.


2014: Wall Hangings

Why we still love it: Loom yarn wall hangings are a total throwback, and we love the texture you get when you hang it on a plain wall. It’s such an easy way to use up yarn and ribbon scraps, too, in case the hoarder in you can’t throw them out.

Shop the look here.


2015: Ear Cuffs

Why we currently love it: Ear cuffs are magic. They upgrade a plain T-shirt and jeans to hip weekend wear and add an unexpected touch to formal outfits. And with a surprising amount of styles available, you’ll never need to rely on boring metal studs again.

Shop the look here.


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