Spot-On Tablecloth


Designed by Jann Williams

Love confetti but hate the mess? Transform a plain purchased tablecloth into the life of the party with a smattering of painted confettilike dots—no need to sweep the floor.



  • White tablecloth (tablecloth shown is 70×84″)
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Fabric paints: light purple, dark purple, orange, light pink, dark pink
  • Paper plates
  • Assorted corks
  • Assorted foam stamps
  • Assorted flat, smooth jar lids
  • Small paintbrush


Paint the Tablecloth:


1. Fold tablecloth in half, then in half again. Place a straight pin or press a crease at the center; unfold.

2. Measure your table and determine how much of the tablecloth you wish to paint. The design on the side of the tablecloth shown is approximately the same width as the table. The top corners of the design are near the corners of the tabletop. The center of the design is positioned to be in the center of the tablecloth side. Measure from the tablecloth center to mark the center of the design area with a pin.

3. Spread a plastic drop cloth over your work surface. Lay tablecloth on drop cloth. Note: Do not lay paper under the tablecloth; paint that seeps through the tablecloth will stick to the paper.

4. Squeeze circles of paint onto paper plates. Dip small cork, dampened foam stamp, or jar lid in desired paint color; then lightly rub some of the paint onto a paper towel. Stamp paint onto center of design area. Continue stamping circles to create arcs that extend from the center to the top corners of the design area. Use a small paintbrush to touch up any circles.

5. Fill in areas below the stamped arcs with assorted sizes and colors of stamped circles. Stamp largest circles first and fill in with smaller circles as desired.


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