Dots Nice Party Decor


This buffet table knows how to party. Kick-start into dotty party mode with a stamped confetti-style tablecloth, strings of paper-ball garlands hanging overhead, and 3-D paper cake toppers.


Spot-On Tablecloth:


Love confetti but hate the mess? Transform a plain purchased tablecloth into the life of the party with a smattering of painted confettilike dots—no need to sweep the floor. Use round objects, including foam stamps, corks, and jar lids to paint dots in a variety of sizes. Get the instructions for the tablecloth here.


Dot-to-Dot Garland:


Go dotty with garlands made from stacks of 2″ circles. Get the instructions for the garland here.


Dotted Dinnerware:


Include the utensils in your dotty party scheme. Dip the eraser end of a pencil in colorful paint. Then randomly stamp dots onto the handles of bamboo flatware.


Merry-Go-Round Cake Toppers:


Round out your party decorations with faceted cake toppers, each made from three punched paper circles that are sewn through the centers. There’s no balancing act required to finish them—just glue each pressed-open globe atop a cake-pop stick; then serve one with each tasty slice. For instructions, refer to the Dot-to-Dot Garland instructions.


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