Dot-to-Dot Garland


Designed by Elizabeth Stumbo

Go dotty with garlands made from stacks of 2″ circles.




  • 12″-square sheets of double-sided scrapbook paper (number of sheets needed depends on length of desired garland)
  • 2″ circle punch (such as Fiskars Round ‘n Round Squeeze Punch, extra large)
  • Contrasting all-purpose polyester sewing thread
  • 90/14 universal sewing machine needle
  • Sewing machine
  • Painter’s tape


Assemble the Garland:

1. Cut the double-sided scrapbooking paper into 212×12-inch strips.

2. Punch circles from the length of each strip. Place circles in stacks of three.



3. Leaving long thread tails from your sewing machine (these will be needed later for hanging), stitch through the center of one stack of circles using all-purpose sewing thread.

Note: For consistently centered stitches on all circles, apply pieces of painter’s tape on the bed of the machine; position the pieces 2″ apart and use tape as a guide as you feed the circles through the machine.



4. Continue feeding each stack of circles into the machine, immediately following the first. Continue with all remaining stacks.

5. When desired garland length is reached, secure the end of the stitching with a few backstitches. Remove the garland from the machine and leave long thread tails for hanging.

6. Open and finger-press the circles along the center stitching. Hang the garland from the thread tails.



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