5 Crafty Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs


Put a twist on tradition by decorating Easter eggs without the dyes! Grab your favorite crafts supplies to create beautiful (and unexpected) designs on your eggs.


1. Use your Sharpies to doodle fun designs on your eggs. We choose black for a classic look, but there are so many possibilities with colored markers! We added an adorable pink ribbon around the middle of one egg for a ballerina chick.


2. Dig through your washi tape collection to find tape in the same color palettes (we chose pink and purple). Cut squares and layer them on the eggs for a bright display.


3. Baker’s twine comes in pretty pastels that are perfect for spring! Wrap your eggs with baker’s twine and add a pretty bow. Tip: We held the twine in place with Wonder Tape (a thin double-sided tape). It really helped the twine from slipping.


4. Want a natural look for your eggs? Cut shapes from burlap. Hold the burlap in place with a length of twine. It makes a fun bird nest display when you lay the eggs in a bowl filled with burlap!


5. Draw a rectangle across the center of the egg with a gold paint marker. Add stickers to spell out a fun message!


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