Baker’s Twine Flowers



  • Assorted sizes of scallop circle punches
  • Assorted scrapbook papers
  • Tape
  • Baker’s twine: assorted colors
  • Assorted buttons
  • Large-eye embroidery needle
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • 10″ length of florist’s wire

MIY the Flowers:


1. Punch scallop circles from scrapbook papers.


2. Tape end of baker’s twine to one side of scallop circle.


3. Wrap the twine around the scallop circle, fitting the twine in the scallops as you work around the circle and crossing through the center with each wrap. Trim the end of the baker’s twine, and tape it in place on the back side of the circle.

4. Thread twine into a large-eye sewing needle, and stitch through the holes in the center of a button.

5. If desired, use a small scallop circle punch and repeat steps 1 and 2 to make a small wrapped flower. Hot-glue the small wrapped flower to the center of the large wrapped flower.

6. Hot-glue the button to the center of the flower. Hot-glue one end of the wire to the back of the flower for a stem.


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