The Million Pillowcase Challenge Blog Hop

Our friends at American Patchwork & Quilting asked us to join in their One Million Pillowcase Challenge blog hop! This challenge asks crafters and sewers to use their talents to help those in need by donating pillowcases to local charities. People around the world have already donated more than 689,000 pillowcases.

Want to make a pillowcase? Here’s the easiest pillowcase pattern ever! Click here for the instructions.


Visit the rest of the participants in the blog hop here:

If you love making pillowcases, consider participating in the third annual 24-Hour Sewathon for charity! From September 16-September 17, American Patchwork & Quilting will be sewing pillowcases to help reach their goal of one million pillowcases donated. There are events across the country, so find one in your area! Or just invite friends and family over for a sewing night!

Flower Cork Bulletin Board



Pull out the stops to use salvaged corks for this floral-theme corkboard that is anything by boring. Form the flowers by strategically positioning stained cork ends faceup. Use a deep frame or shadow box to accommodate the depth of the corks. To stain the corks yellow and orange for the flower centers, brush watered-down acrylic paints onto the cork ends.

Share your own cork creations with us on Instagram with #MIYMagLife!

Watercolor Gift Bags


Designer: Lisa Storms

The simplest of supplies—a white crayon and watercolor paint—are all you need to create a polka-dot resist on the front of a white paper bag. Just doodle random dots with the crayon on the bag, then paint over the dots. For a gradient effect, add more water to the paint as you go to lighten the color. Print a message on white cardstock and staple it to the bag front.

Papier-Mâché Letters


Designer: Lisa Storms

You won’t be at a loss for words when you use papier-mâché letters to exclaim your enthusiasm for the celebration.


1. Gather your supplies: 8″- and 12″-tall papier-mâché letters to spell “Hooray,” crafts knife, crafts foam in three shades, hot-glue gun, and glue sticks.




2. Use a crafts knife to carefully cut off the front of a papier-mâché letter, leaving the sides intact.



3. Measure the depth of the letter. Trim several strips at differing lengths from three colors of crafts foam so the width of each strip is the same as the letter depth. Roll each strip tightly; hot-glue the ends to hold each roll together tightly.



4. Hot-glue the rolls to the inside of the letter, placing the rolls in a gradational pattern. Space the rolls tightly to fill the letter. Repeat steps 1–3 with remaining letters.

We’ve Never Needed a Rug More!


Argentine artist Alexandra Kehayoglou crafts unique rugs look like they belong in a woodland fairytale. She recycles leftover carpet scraps to make rugs that resemble vibrant, natural landscapes.

Kehayoglou’s grandparents used to weave Ottoman-style carpets in Turkey, and her family currently runs a carpet factory in Buenos Aires. Inspired by tradition, she began using the factory’s discarded wool and thread scraps to create something that was completely her own.

She tufts most rugs by hand to make rugs that look like forests, grasslands, deserts, and glaciers. Each rug can take months to complete, with some rugs covering more than 1500 square feet.

You can see more of her work at her Artsy page or her Instagram.